Ryan T Walton


Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania I relocated to northern New Jersey after graduating from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 2006. I must have done something right because in early 2007 I was hired into NJIT's University Web Services. I have had the chance earn my master's degree (2012) and travel to a number of conferences including SunGard Summit, DrupalCon, and HighEdWeb.

I have been dabbling in a few projects. I have been using using Rasbperry Pis to do everything from hosting mini web servers for data collection to working on a digital photo frame with internet management. Recently, I picked up a Cricut cutting system and have been working on improving my homemade greeting card game. With the opening of NJIT's Makerpsace I have had a chance to be trained for 3D printing and C02 laser cutting/engraving and most recently particpated in an introduction to CNC milling.

Besides the conferences, scattered around the US, I've also done some international travel. My trips have included Berlin, Bruges, Brussels, Budapest, Dublin, London, Medellin, Potsdam, and Vienna. Each city has given me a chance to experience different aspects of history and culture. If you find yourself heading to Europe I highly recommend checking out Sandeman's walking tours. I have done them in many cities, some more than once.

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October 20, '20
I started building websites in the late 1990s when a school friend suggested I join the high school's web team. Not knowing anything about it, most of my time with the group was spent learning. At home, we had America Online and they offered a free homepage if you knew how to access it so I built my first webpage. I had a few pieces that I had written on it, but not much else since digital photography hadn't really taken off yet. When I got to college they offered a similar space for students to host content, so my site moved with me... Read More