Cable Management
October 11, '19

Recently I posted this update about designing and printing a cable organizer for my desk at work. It has done wonders for making my cables look more organized, as well as keeping them firmly in place. While this was a great start and prevents any need to recover fallen cables from under the desk the need for proper cable guidance was far from finished. I still had another desk opening and 3 monitor pass-throughs that were in need of some attention. As long as I have owned Dell flat-screen monitors the have included some form of cable management.

CNC in the Makerspace
July 9, '19

One of the developments at NJIT that I have been the most excited about was the opening of the NJIT Makerspace. While it's cool that it's filled with things like 3D printers, laser cutters, metal working tools, hand tools, and even a waterjet, the best part is that it's open to students, faculty, and staff once they've gone through some introductory training.  NJIT's Haas Mini-Mill #2 and VF-4 CNC mills.